Cloudy sky at sunset
West Coast Road

Digital Art and Photography

Vancouver Island has been my home for more than a decade. It can be a glorious place, but it is also dark and mysterious. It’s the rain. It makes the forest green and lush in winter, when the rest of Canada sleeps under snow. It is the relentless Pacific ocean, the forests, and the colours of early spring. The isolation of living on an island makes the rest of the world appear as just somewhere else. It is an easy thing to get lost.

Inkriver contains entirely original work in fine art photography and graphic art. Nothing has been borrowed or reworked. Most of the pieces on the site were made during the last decade. For information regarding prints, or collaboration, contact me using the link at the bottom of any page.

Paul Saturley, 2022  

Close Talkers

I had these pieces in front of me for several months last winter. During that time I developed a relationship with them. In beginning, it was simply about people who are too much in your face and in your head. So, the first piece deals with individual conflict in the presence of others. The second work presents more of a planned and public context, and the final work references those who witness and silently pass judgment. It often seems to be a vicious cycle where truth circles the drain. 

An empty road disappears into the morning fog.

In the Clouds

There is possibly no finer place than Mount Newton on a foggy day in Central Saanich, especially in the off-season.