Artificial intelligence?

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Obscura. Digital construction
Oddly, this image was censored by tumblr in its new sex policing function. There was no explanation why.

As the internet becomes interwoven into the fabric of society it is to be expected that service providers begin deciding what will and won’t be shown on their platforms. Most recently, tumblr began policing its postings to weed out naughty bits via some iltelligence algorithm. Oddly enough, my image above was branded unfit for tumblr consumption. No explanation was provided. There were no protruding nipples or genitalia of any sort but something flipped the switch of the artificial “intelligence” mechanism and it was gone.

No one doubts that child pornography is a serious issue. It was cited as the main reason for the action. However, the sledgehammer approach on the part of a phone company, and a reliance on a technology to swing it, will probably serve to drive its creatives to other outlets.




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