Pictures in mist and fog

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There is a lot of rain and mist where I live and sometimes the fog rolls in for days. Things get quiet. Light levels drop. The set of pictures above was made on Mount Douglas over a couple of days. Mount Douglas is a very steep hill in Saanich. It’s indigenous name is Pkols. For the most part it has been left in a natural state although it is networked with hiking trails and it is surrounded on three sides by urban development.

I found many of the pictures I made were more effective in black and white than in colour. Black and white seems to do a better job of capturing the mood of the place — and at any rate when the fog moves in colours become muted. A lot of current landscape photography is obsessed with visual description, but in pictures like these the suggestion of form is more important than the the depiction of detail.

As a side note, while making these pictures I wandered down to the beach at Mount Douglas. It was raining pretty steady at the time. A big tree leaned out over the ocean and at its tip sat a young bald eagle. We stared at each other for a few moments, sharing the experience of getting drenched. And then we went out separate ways.



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