A life of their own

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Photograph of winter snow on Salt Spring Island

There are winters on the West Coast that pass without any snow, so when it does come it is seen as special. The world becomes quieter. Cities unprepared for snow slow down to a crawl. The world seems to be a happier, more contemplative place.

I grew up in Newfoundland and snow like that in the photograph above was referred to as January snow — large snowflakes that drift to earth in the absence of wind. I made this picture on Salt Spring Island at a friend’s property. For me, the picture contains a sense of peace. It wasn’t necessarily there when the photograph was created but it exists in the picture. We often think of photographs as reflections of ourselves and our lives but photographs have a life of their own. They can sometimes tell you things that have nothing to do with who was in the picture or where it was created.




    • Paul Saturley says

      We see very little snow on Vancouver Island. While much of the continent turns white in winter it turns bright green here because the moisture triggers new growth in the forest. So when snow does happen it is exceptional — and perhaps a little glorious. It is a great time for photography.


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