Visual Constructions

By way of explanation, I can only say I don’t always know where this stuff is going but I am pretty confident I know when it gets there. Some pieces are inspired by events, like the Bow Shock composition (top row, far right) that is based on a report of solar winds intersecting with the tremendous magnetic field around Jupiter. The event is depicted here.

Other works, like The Tyranny of Heaven, are the result of spontaneous working of shape, colour, texture and form. Things always emerge if the time is right. Some pieces are based initially on very basic ink drawings. One of my favourite of these pieces is called Dancing Spirits — India ink and a composited evening sky. The arrangement of the various shapes very quickly birthed something that, to me, seems teeming with energy.

Pictured above: Juxtaposition. Two separate pieces that work well together, raising more questions than each would individually.