The Dregs

Triptych created from coffee grounds and digital processes

The only aesthetic reason to work digitally is the freedom it offers. The basic technology isn’t that complicated and, once mastered, it liberates the image maker from the constraints of traditional darkroom technology. At one time I devoted hours in the darkroom to the process of easel masking. While that seemed to work seamlessly for Jerry Uelsmann, I found it to be cumbersome. I did not have patience for it. And then, in 1989, I discovered Adobe Photoshop. Initially, I used the software to make photo realistic, surrealist images but now I see the digital construction process as something of an artform in itself.

Basketball Court at Twilight

Basketball court at evening
Empty basketball court in Saanich

Although this photograph is obviously about the deserted basketball court and the approach of night, I have often thought of it as Postal Truck at a Distance. The red colour of the Canada Post delivery van worms its way into the image, and there is a triangular arrangement established of net, moon, and truck. Of course, in this age of digital processes, it would be a simple thing to remove the truck, but somehow it now seems to belong here.

Hotel Morning

self-portrait in mirrors
Self-portrait, hotel room, Burnaby

Hotel rooms are a source of inspiration to me. They are both strange and familiar places. By morning, you have made the space your own, even if it is only for one or two days. Morning provides a highly directional light from the (usually) singular picture window.