There was never a plan. There was never a brand. I don’t have an active Twitter account. I realize all of this means you are probably not reading this, having never stumbled across it. It’s a risk.

I did manage to build up a tumblr following over time but then it was sold and the new overlords opted to start policing the content of tumblr’s blogs using artificial intelligence. The idea of policing and AI in one place gave me shivers.
 I closed my account. Oddly enough, I think I still have a MySpace account. Persistence in the fragile digital era can only be admired.

I was originally a writer. It seemed natural after a degree in literature. I became a photographer out of a job necessity and, after years in a darkroom, happened to be around when the world decided it was time to go digital.

I learned a lot about Photoshop, which eventually led to design and publishing work with Illustrator and QuarkXPress, and later InDesign. There was also Pagemaker, but I would rather not think about that.

I built my first web page using something called Pagemill, then Go Live, then Dreamweaver, then Adobe Muse, and now WordPress. Graphics software has passed through me like overripe fruit. Somewhere in that sea of software, I put aside enough time to finish a fine art degree.

So, there is a mix of visual material on this site. Primarily, there is image construction work based on drawn and photographed bits and pieces. There is current landscape work mainly from Vancouver Island. There is also work from past years with various people.

I love photography on days when I don’t hate it.

I hope you like all of what you see, but it will do if you like just some of it. Feedback is always appreciated.
 Feel free to get in touch. You can use the form below.

Paul Saturley, 2019