Photo of the Strait of Juan de Fuca
Morning Low Cloud

Morning lights up the Strait of Juan de Fuca on a glorious October day. In the distance, a tanker lies at anchor in the strait, near the Olympic Mountains of Washington State. Moments like this, captured from a top floor suite at Sooke Harbour House, are fleeting and will soon be replaced by the rain of October and November. However, under conditions such as these, Vancouver Island is really unique in Canada.


photo of the ocean from inside a hotel suite
The Getaway

From time to time, photographs present themselves to the camera and photography becomes a matter of just recognizing that which already exists.

A Black Hole

This began as an innocent project — a stylized face balloon floats over a minimal rural landscape. The black hole crept in after everything else was finished. It’s sole purpose is to create contradiction. All should disappear inside it within a fraction of a millisecond. Wait for it. Are you still here?

Composite digital drawing
Man in the Moon

This piece was completed a couple of months back at a time when I began doing lots of drawing for images that would be modified and completed in the computer. At first I was going to put the crescent moon in the sky, but then thought it might be better to put it in his head.



A walk in the fog on Salt Spring Island in early fall