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Low Rolling Cloud

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black and white / Landscape Photography / vancouver island / Western Canada

Perhaps nothing says ocean more than the sky above it. In the absence of giant crashing waves, in periods of lull between the drama, the ocean rocks back and forth with the slow movement of the tides. What happens below the surface remains invisible to those who remain on shore. The sky, however, is spellbinding as it passes, ever forming and reforming clouds above the surface of the deep.  

The Tyranny of Heaven

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It’s an odd name for an odd piece. While the geography may be fictitious, the constructs of heaven and hell provide both a framework and an interpretation for existence inside the bookend events of life and death. Heaven may not be all it is cracked up to be. It is not exactly the Magic Kingdom. It is more concerned with order and surveillance than eternal tranquillity. The creatures in the upper left corner stare back. […]

Artificial intelligence?

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Artwork / conceptual / Uncategorized

As the internet becomes interwoven into the fabric of society it is to be expected that service providers begin deciding what will and won’t be shown on their platforms. Most recently, tumblr began policing its postings to weed out naughty bits via some ill-telligence algorithm. Oddly enough, my image above was branded unfit for tumblr consumption. No explanation was provided. There were no protruding nipples or genitalia of any sort but something flipped the switch […]