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A Box of Hands

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black and white / Uncategorized / vancouver island / Western Canada

I read somewhere recently that May is Street Photography month. I have no idea whether that is true and I normally have little or nothing to do with that genre of photography. However, it inspired me to take a walk with a camera, which was something I had not done in quite a while. It is funny how things present themselves to you — as if they knew you were coming. At first, I was […]

Artificial intelligence?

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As the internet becomes interwoven into the fabric of society it is to be expected that service providers begin deciding what will and won’t be shown on their platforms. Most recently, tumblr began policing its postings to weed out naughty bits via some ill-telligence algorithm. Oddly enough, my image above was branded unfit for tumblr consumption. No explanation was provided. There were no protruding nipples or genitalia of any sort but something flipped the switch […]