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Not for Human Consumption

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Color Photography / Landscape Photography / vancouver island

This is an odd place in the forest not far from where I live: Swampy stagnant water in a small pool surrounded by dead and dying trees. You wouldn’t want to drink the water, but there are definitely things moving just under the surface. You wouldn’t want to stand for long close to the edge lest something reach up for you. I have photographed this place many times… but never at twilight.

The Other in Landscape Photography

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Landscape Photography / vancouver island / Western Canada

My main motivation in writing this blog is to explain photography to myself and, hopefully, to others of a similar persuasion. Much of contemporary landscape photography concerns itself with grand vistas and spectacular locations, but I prefer the landscape of small things — that is, the landscape of whatever is close at hand, often within walking distance of where I live. Granted, I live on Vancouver Island where there is no shortage of subject matter […]

Pictures in mist and fog

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Landscape Photography / Uncategorized

  There is a lot of rain and mist where I live and sometimes the fog rolls in for days. Things get quiet. Light levels drop. The set of pictures above was made on Mount Douglas over a couple of days. Mount Douglas is a very steep hill in Saanich. It’s indigenous name is Pkols. For the most part it has been left in a natural state although it is networked with hiking trails and […]