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Shoreline, Vessel and Clouds

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black and white / Landscape Photography / vancouver island

Shot at Willows Beach in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, May 14 — a couple of days ago. Despite movement in the cloud caused by a moderately long exposure, there is a sense of stillness that attracts me in this picture. In some ways, the photograph reflects the location where it was created but in others, it has a life of its own. It may sound absurd but, as the maker of the image, I immediately […]

The Other in Landscape Photography

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Landscape Photography / vancouver island / Western Canada

My main motivation in writing this blog is to explain photography to myself and, hopefully, to others of a similar persuasion. Much of contemporary landscape photography concerns itself with grand vistas and spectacular locations, but I prefer the landscape of small things — that is, the landscape of whatever is close at hand, often within walking distance of where I live. Granted, I live on Vancouver Island where there is no shortage of subject matter […]

A life of their own

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Landscape Photography / Uncategorized

There are winters on the West Coast that pass without any snow, so when it does come it is seen as special. The world becomes quieter. Cities unprepared for snow slow down to a crawl. The world seems to be a happier, more contemplative place. I grew up in Newfoundland and snow like that in the photograph above was referred to as January snow — large snowflakes that drift to earth in the absence of […]