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Shoreline, Vessel and Clouds

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black and white / Landscape Photography / vancouver island

Shot at Willows Beach in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, May 14 — a couple of days ago. Despite movement in the cloud caused by a moderately long exposure, there is a sense of stillness that attracts me in this picture. In some ways, the photograph reflects the location where it was created but in others, it has a life of its own. It may sound absurd but, as the maker of the image, I immediately […]

A new home

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Inkriver has been my portfolio site for many years. It has been migrated through numerous pieces of software on half a dozen web hosting platforms, only to finally find its way to WordPress. Here I hope it will find its final resting place. My work has similarly evolved at the same time. Once I spent most of my time in the studio; now I spend most of my time engaged in landscape work, still life […]